September 20, 2011 at 8:28 pm (news)

I can honestly say, I have never tattooed a budgie before. You know, those colorful little Aussie birds that always seem to snuggle one another? Well, today that changed and I got to tattoo a pair of them on a sweet young tattooer from Zurich named Nici. Her grandma keeps budgies and she got the tattoo in honor of her. I love stuff like that. I love when people get tattoos that remind them of close friends or family members (not just when it comes to memorial pieces) that are positive and happy.

Here’s the sketch I did for her and the final outcome. Nici got the tattoo on the inside of her elbow. 3.5 hours in that area is definitely the suck, but she took it like a trooper.

Another great day: Coffee, sweet tattoo, KIZ. Annie happy.

Good night.


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