September 12, 2011 at 7:41 pm (news)

I suck at black and grey tattoos. At least, I think I do. I look at other artists’ amazing portrait and realistic work and I wonder, how in the world they do it. Everything looks so smooth, has so much detail. I am more of a color girl, yet people come to me and ask me for black and grey work. And every once in a while, I will give in and do it. Today, for example, I did a tattoo on a sweet girl from France. She insisted on it being B/G and her wish was my command. What do you guys think?




  1. tim said,

    i quite like it, the design is excellent. gives me a little sense of being incomplete yet imagine it will weather well with the contrast approach to b/g. (im not a tattoo artist so just my 1 cent 🙂

  2. Mat Martin said,

    I highly disagree, your black and grey is very classy. Its not cholo and not traditional but somewhere right in the middle. Its got its own look and feel and that is what makes it right. I love your work and think you are an amazing artist.

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