September 9, 2011 at 8:17 pm (news)

2 months ago a young man met me at the shop for a consultation, to talk about this idea he had for a full back tattoo. And now, only 8 weeks (5 sessions, and about 25 hours of tattooing time)  later, his tattoo is finished and we have become really good friends. I am so grateful for the trust and loyalty my customers have towards me. Today, I am a happy girl. Thank you Hans (and Steffi).



  1. tim said,

    absolutely wonderful!

  2. Katrin said,

    great!!! i´m sorry, but i dont find other words to describe…

  3. Jan said,

    crazy wow, the red is brilliant, love it

  4. Jacob Ink (@JacobInktattoo) said,

    AMAZING. amazing is an understatement.. WOW.

  5. celiozzi said,

    i love your work, i want to go visit berlin and also get tattooed by you… amazing.

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