September 7, 2011 at 8:51 pm (news)

I don’t think I am your regular tattooer. I get up at 6 am pretty much every day, brush my teeth, shower, get ready, have breakfast, walk to work, pick up a tall soy latte on the way, get to the shop, draw draw draw and most of the time start with my first appointment around 10 am. I LOVE early mornings. The streets in Berlin are still somewhat quiet, people still seem a bit nicer and I just feel motivated. I have bee trying to work on a little colored pencil drawing every day, and so far I have kept it up for the past week. Here are a few examples:


1 Comment

  1. James Clouser said,

    So you have just inspired me to do my first piece of mail art. Thank you. Your work is very beautiful and inspirational.

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