August 19, 2011 at 2:44 pm (news)

I don’t know if anyone ever noticed the trend that is owl tattoos. And I also don’t know if anyone ever  noticed how many of them I have done in the past few years. I definitely lost count, but I think I am somewhere over 200. There was a nurse-owl, film maker-owl, Mr. T-owl,  satanic owl, robo-owl, buddha-owl and the list goes on and on. I figured, moving to Germany would help me rid myself of the owl-lady stigma. But I was mistaken. And today I got  to do a sweet ass Gangsta Owl. I am really stoked on the outcome, as was my new friend Piotr (or so I think, at least).



  1. allie said,

    love ur OWLS!!! this gangsta one is awesome.. got any pics of the BUDDA one??

    • germanhammer said,

      Actually, if you type in Annie Frenzel in Google and check the images, theres a photo of it 😀

  2. Syl said,

    You forgot the BEST one. The GERMAN owl. 😀

  3. costah said,

    love it, great work…

  4. Jan said,

    awww, Nurse Balls and Jacques miss you ❤

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